REBL: The Auditing System

November 6, 2018 Posted by Rebellious

Rebellious operates under a unique concept. By utilising client chains that feed into the master Rebellious chain, it is possible to integrate blockchain technology into virtually any business. Backed by a comprehensive set of tools and systems, adopting blockchain tech has never been easier. One such tool is an auditing system designed to protect client information while still verifying the validity of a blockchain. Read on to discover how.


Public blockchains have a versatile spectrum of uses. However, the technical expertise required for blockchain integration has proven to be a significant hurdle to mainstream adoption. Rebellious has developed a complete solution that brings all the benefits of blockchain, without the drawbacks.

The Rebellious decentralised public network operates in much the same way as many other proof-of-stake blockchain networks. The principal difference is that feeding into the Rebellious master chain are an unlimited number of client chains. These client chains benefit from the systems and tools provided by both regular and master nodes¹ on the Rebellious network. In return, the partnership between the two will ensure an increasing demand for the REBL coin.

Client chains can use REBL coins to request nodes to check the integrity of their blockchain to ensure it has not been tampered with. This feature becomes vital if a client decides to operate a centralised or hybrid blockchain with permissioned restrictions.


The beauty of the Rebellious blockchain is it can be customised to the needs of any business. Not all networks need to be public, nor do they need to give every node (user) the ability to send and receive information or assets. Several use cases, especially for companies in the financial sector, will require networks that have permission rights. Control over who can send and receive assets, as well as who has visibility of transaction history, permissioned blockchains still maintain an immutable ledger; the risk, however, is that manipulation can occur.

The parameters for doing so would be incredibly difficult, and it would depend on the type of restrictions put in place. Clients needn’t worry though; Rebellious has auditing systems that monitor and verify the integrity of the blockchain to ensure that third parties have not begun to tamper with the network. Not only does auditing take place at a client’s request, but it does so without the client chain compromising the data stored within.


By storing parts of the custom client blockchain on the Rebellious master chain, nodes can provide auditing functionality. Naturally, the concern businesses have is that Rebellious network users may be able to access sensitive information stored on their respective client chain. Determined to provide an unrivalled solution to mainstream adoption, Rebellious has the security of client details covered by the zero-knowledge proof concept. Small amounts of data are still stored on the Rebellious master blockchain, but verification can take place without any aspects of the client chain being shared. Network integrity is proven without nodes needing to know what information goes into that proof.


It may seem like an impossibility to prove something without knowing the details of what you are proving. However, thanks to research undertaken by cryptographers, zero-knowledge proofs are being introduced to blockchains. Organically, they operate as an extension of the secure protocols that underpin blockchain technology. A zero-knowledge proof must satisfy three properties to be verified: completeness, soundness, and zero-knowledge. Using complex mathematical calculations, the need to share sensitive data to prove network integrity is removed.


All the Rebellious nodes ask for in return is an auditing fee, payable in REBL tokens. We alluded to this earlier, but the purchase of REBL coins by client chains supports the Rebellious ecosystem. Coins can be purchased from the open market, creating an ever-increasing demand for REBL coins. As more client chains connect to the Rebellious network, the need for auditing services increases. More nodes will join the network because of the reward incentive, and thus the ecosystem expands.

Rebellious offers a complete end-to-end solution for blockchain integration. With customisable settings, a suite of tools, and zero-knowledge proof, adopting blockchains has never been more appealing. Without the risk of compromising data stored on your client chain, and with the ability to have the blockchain integrity checked and verified, Rebellious is revolutionising the way blockchain technology is applied.


1. REBL Masternodes. One of its kind.