DEV Update October 2018

October 24, 2018 Posted by Rebellious

DEV update October 2018


Dear community,

Since the beginning of the REBL project, we have envisioned REBL to be the coin of the people. We want our community to be involved and on track with all that is going on in the office. To keep you up to date with all the latest news here at Rebellious, we provide a monthly update each month, in which we discuss all events and developments since our last update. Our apologies for the delay in the current update, which makes this update a one-time bimonthly update.


REBL has been chosen as the Eterbase community coin of the month for September!
We feel we have made a great step forward in our pursuit to find a stable and trustworthy trading platform for the REBL community. We hope REBL and Eterbase will prove to be a perfect match.The go-live of Eterbase and the listing of REBL is planned for Q4 2018. For now you can check out the DEMO on the Eterbase website.


The public Testnet

Prior to the Mainnet release, we are going to launch a public Testnet. We’d like to include the community in basic functionality testing of the blockchain and the UX of the wallets. The team is currently working on some last fixes that mainly have to do with node connectivity and network stability. The inclusion of the community allows us to collect more data to work out any remaining irregularities and bugs.

In the future we will be continually using the testnet for new implementations or potential changes to the current protocol that need extensive testing first.
More info on how to join the testnet will be available soon.


White paper 3.0

White paper 3.0 is released! The third iteration of the white paper describes better the optimal business solution REBL wants to offer her clients. With emerging technologies always come evolving business models. REBL’s business model has been undergoing quite the transformation this year. The new white paper is out to explain more about the technical aspects of the REBL blockchain , as well as a more up-to-date description of the business solution.

Grab your copy of the white paper here!

We also realize this vision needs better representation on the website. The coming weeks we will be updating various sections of the website to be completely up to date.


Sharing the REBL vision

We are getting closer and closer to the release of the blockchain this motivates us to more actively share content and information on REBL, but also on blockchain technology in general. In the following months, we’ll be working towards educating the market about the possibilities of the blockchain. The most important aspect of this is to convince the end clients that REBL is a viable business solution which theoretically can be applied over a broad field of operations with regards to a company’s tech infrastructure having a transactional nature.
We’ll be releasing blogs to cover the blockchain industry and all its facets.

Join us on this journey and make sure to follow us on all our social channels. And for all REBLs out there; Spread the word!

That is all for this month’s update!