Dear Community,

In 2017, Rebellious held its airdrop. Thousands of participants joined in, and over 100 million REBL coins were dropped to the community.

Our end goal was to make customized blockchains broadly available and affordable for companies who lacked the knowledge to do build their own blockchain.

We started out as an ERC-20 token but within a relative short period we released our own blockchain, including our own wallets and blockchain explorer.

Unfortunately, the market has changed. Our original goal to offer tailor-made blockchain-as-a-service solutions turned out to be a too ambitious step. Mega corporations like Amazon and IBM who offer the same service have an incredible amount of resources and funding to spend on developing their technology. We simply did not have the means and funding to compete with these companies and the technology they were able to develop.

We then tried to change Rebellious into an exchange, with the confidence that this would turn the tide and make our project sustainable again. Sadly, this was not meant to be. With our limited resources we could not attract the attention, create the momentum or the trading volume that is required to make the project the success that we envisioned.

We have not raised any money, we had no external investors. Neither through a token sale nor in any other way. As a company or as individual team members, we have never sold any tokens. All funding for our project was paid out of our own pockets, we invested our own time and money. We never made any money with Rebellious. We have now reached the point that we simply no longer have the financial means to keep the project alive.

While we did not end up where we hoped to be, we still feel that it was an incredible journey. Thank you all for your support.

The Rebellious blockchain will remain live.

We will send an email to all registered accounts on the Rebellious exchange with instructions on how to withdraw their REBL coins from the exchange. For people who currently still have REBL coins on the exchange and wish to withdraw them, we kindly ask you to do so in the next 3 months. After 3 months the exchange will go offline.

You can access the exchange here:

Deposits will be disabled on the exchange, withdrawals will still be possible.

Withdrawal instructions:

1: Login on the exchange
2: Go to ‘Cryptocurrency Wallets’ in the top right menu
3: Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button
4: Enter your address, the amount and your authentication code and check the withdrawal notification box

If there are any issues with the withdrawal, please contact us through the contact form here

-Rebl Team