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Everyone is familiar with the Dot-com bubble of the 90s: Following the enormous growth of the internet, online tech companies began popping up like daisies. This was huge for early investors, allowing them to flip small investments into large sums of money in no time. But eventually, the bubble crashed, leaving behind only a handful of truly successful online companies, including eBay, Amazon, and some others.

It’s not hard to see the similarities between the Dot-com bubble and the current trend of ICOs. Once again, eager investors are pumping their money into a market which critics claim is built almost entirely on speculation and hype.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to reinvent the way we manage our money, offering for the first time an alternative to our current centralized money systems run by governments and banks.

Unfortunately, many cryptocurrencies that rely on ICOs are also based almost entirely on speculation and hype. And this raises obvious concerns for investors:

“The fact is that a bubble market has allowed the creation of bubble companies, entities designed more with an eye to making money off investors rather than for them. Too often, an IPO, not profits, was the primary goal of a company’s promoters.” – Warren Buffet

In fact, some critics will even go so far to say that the crypto market is under the spell of the “Greater Fool Theory,” where investors believe the high prices of ICOs and coins can be justified because they can be resold to a “greater fool” for a higher price in the future.

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We think it’s time to change this perspective of the crypto market. Right here. Right now. Without an ICO.

Until now, the ICO gold rush has been powered by nothing more than strong marketing campaigns that raised millions in investments. If we don’t change this soon, we’re afraid the cryptomarket may become yet another bubble market with a similar fate to the Dot-com bubble of the 90s.

We are going to turn the tables. Instead of raising money through speculation and hype, we are going to build a community that proves the power of a cryptocurrency through hard work and dedication. A currency that rebels from the trend of making fast cash with an ICO and focuses on sustained and meaningful usability – built by a community that cares.

With a strong community, Rebellious will show actions are what count, and become the product cryptocurrencies are made out to be.

The first step is this: spreading the word. From entrepreneurs and investors to friends and family – you name it! We are building a community that matters; one that will make Rebellious strong – and everyone willing to help it grow is welcome. The bigger the community, the stronger the voice.

The end goal is to build a crypto space that is user-friendly and mass-adopted. A space that reaches its full potential through the power of community.

Spreading the word is not enough on its own, though. For this all to be meaningful, it must go hand-in-hand with education. We need to show people how cryptocurrencies can change the world for the better and help evolve our economies into a fairer place for all. Education leads to understanding, and finally, adoption.

It is time to change the cryptosphere for the better. Join Rebellious today!


The steps we are going to take.

Check out our roadmap. No false promises and short and simple. Requirements are simple for the first people who sign up for the airdrop. Every step in the airdrop will require more from people who want to join.



We highly value privacy. Decentralizing is one of our main goals.


We strongly believe in the power of the loyal community. A strong community makes a strong coin.


Keeping the community informed and making sure everyone hears this is very important.

REBLs will be swapped to its own blockchain in Q1-2019

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Modules for all major
e-commerce platforms

Rebellious wallets for
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Crypto assets chosen
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