DEV Update November 2018

November 30, 2018 Posted by Twan

DEV update November 2018


Dear community,

Since the beginning of the REBL project, we have envisioned REBL to be the coin of the people. We want our community to be involved and on track with all that is going on in the office. To keep you up to date with all the latest news here at Rebellious, we provide a monthly update in which we discuss all events and developments since our last update.

One year anniversary
The 21st of November marked a special date for us. On this day one year ago, we launched our project to the public. So this month we celebrated our one year anniversary! A big thank you to our community team that helped us fantastic throughout the entire year. A shout out to all REBLs that went on a rollercoaster of emotions with bull cycles and bear markets this year but kept with us. We feel the sentiment swings in the community of course, however we try not to be distracted. We just keep building and we’re proud of our first year as a blockchain company.

This month the community management team joined us in testing the blockchain. They have been very helpful testing the wallets, setting up Masternodes and with this they provided us with lots of feedback. A lot of feedback also means we’re back to fixing bugs and irregularities. We understand that a lot of questions arise from the community about the current status. So we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions from this last month and made a summarizing Q/A that answers these questions.

Q: When will the blockchain be launched?
A: We’re very close. We are content with the progress this month. The target is Q4 2018 and we’re confident we’ll succeed in this goal.
Q: When will the tokenswap commence?
A: The tokenswap will start immediately when the blockchain is launched. We’re working on the most user friendly tokenswap we can think of. We will have a ‘how to swap’ instruction manual ready by the time it is needed.
Q: Will the REBL coin be listed on an exchange after the tokenswap?
A: Yes it will. We wouldn’t have our community swap the tokens for coins that can’t be traded on an exchange.
Q: Will the testnet become available for the community before we launch?
A: Yes we will include the rest of the community in the final phase of testing. The testnet will be available for public in the next weeks.
Q: Why can’t I access the Filipino/Spanish Telegram Channel anymore?
A: We have decided to close down some of the communication channels so that we can focus the discussion more into a smaller selection of active channels. This means we have closed down some of the smaller community channels, as we have done earlier by closing down the discord channel and the forum.

That’s all for this month’s update!