Mainnet Launch and Token Swap Announcement!

April 11, 2019 Posted by Rebellious

Dear REBLs,

We’re happy to announce that we have accomplished our most anticipated milestone since the beginning of REBL. We have officially launched our Mainnet. The REBL Proof-of-Stake blockchain is up and running since the 3rd of April when the first block was forged.

If you are interested in finding the current status of the blockchain, the REBL block explorer can provide you with more details

Why do I need to Swap my ERC20 REBL tokens?
As of this point forward we transition from the Ethereum protocol to our own REBL protocol. The REBL blockchain is our foundation and all future development will be implemented on the REBL blockchain as an extension of this protocol.

The REBL blockchain will have its own native cryptocurrency, the REBL coin. As an effect, the current REBL ERC20 token will be discarded and left behind. This will be executed during a migration process in which we provide all REBL ERC20 token holders the opportunity to swap their tokens for the REBL coins.

Token Swap details
The token swap will commence this Thursday, the 11th of April. The token swap will close on Sunday the 30th of June.

Start 11-04-2019 15:00 CEST
Close 30-06-2019 10:00 CEST

1:1 swap ERC20 Token to REBL Coin

*Please note that the 0.0.5 ERC20 wallet does not provide the option to claim your rewards. If you wish to claim your rewards before swapping your tokens you must use wallet 0.0.4. The option to claim your rewards will be disabled in the near future.
*KYC is only required if your REBL balance is worth more than $2500.
*You can only swap once from each address, so please try to swap all your coins at once. Otherwise contact us at our telegram.

How to Swap your tokens
1. Download the new REBL/ERC20 wallet 0.0.5 and click the ‘Token Swap’ button.

2. Fill in your personal Hash if you are required to fill the KYC form, otherwise use the hash in the wallet instructions.

3. Verify your REBL ERC20 address.

4. Download the new REBL blockchain wallet.

5. Generate a new address in the REBL blockchain wallet.

6. Copy your newly generated blockchain address into the REBL ERC20 wallet.

7. Confirm token swap.

8. Send your tokens to the token swap address which you’ve received in your e-mail, and will also be shown in the instructions. *Note: If you copy/paste your amount of tokens, don’t forget to adjust the decimal and/or comma when sending your tokens

9. You will receive your REBL coins in 1-2 business days.

(There is a detailed step-for-step guide in the REBL/ERC20 wallet 0.0.5)

*Don’t delete your wallet.dat file from the new REBL blockchain, this may lead to permanently losing your coins. We recommend to back it up and store it in a safe place.

Will the blockchain coins be tradeable once I’ve completed the swap?
It is not possible to trade the REBL blockchain coins yet. We are awaiting confirmation from the exchanges to integrate our native blockchain coins with the exchanges. The ERC20 tokens will remain tradable during the migration period. However be aware to withdraw your tokens from the exchanges in time to complete the token swap. The exchanges do NOT support the swap unless we communicate otherwise.

*Please note that it is not possible to swap back the REBL Blockchain coins for the REBL ERC20 tokens.

Can I immediately start staking my REBL coins on the Mainnet?
Absolutely! The Mainnet is live and the network needs nodes for support. The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism allows you to stake your coins and receive rewards for your contribution to the network. The masternodes will be added in the next phase.

Why does the main net not support masternodes at the launch?
We will be rolling out certain features of the REBL Mainnet in phases. We have chosen for the start off phase with no masternodes because before launching the masternodes, we want the network to be stable. We expect this to last no longer than a few weeks. The masternodes will be added to the network once we are content with the network’s stability during the start off phase.

The masternodes will be added to an updated version of the REBL blockchain wallet. It will include a 1-click VPS hosting service that we will enroll in cooperation with a third party.

Blockchain wallet minimum required specifications:
• Windows 7 and above / MAC OS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above
• Pentium 4 or higher
• Minimum of 2GB RAM
• Minimum of 1GB free disk space
• Internet connection

Additional comment for Testnet participants
The Testnet wallets and network that have been used thus far remain active parallel to the Mainnet. It will be continually used for testing purposes. All future updates will be applied to the Testnet first.
If you wish to preserve your Testnet wallet and data folder we do recommend to rename you current REBL folder to, for example ‘REBLtestnet’, before installing the Mainnet wallet.

~/Library/Application Support/REBL/ (MacOS)
C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\REBL (Windows)

If you have any questions in regard to the Mainnet or Token swap, please do not hesitate to contact us or connect with us via our social channels.
For general question or discussion we invite all REBLs to join the conversation with the 5000+ REBLs in our Telegram channel.
For all problems regarding the Token Swap, we have opened a temporarily Telegram channel for Token Swap Support.
Or leave us a message in the contact form.

We’d like to thank all REBLs out there for the continuing support. We know it’s been a test of your patience from time to time. For the team it has been quite the journey and a learning curve. We will keep pushing forward!

Link to download wallets:

Terms & Conditions for Rebellious

  • The Rebellious token swap takes place from 11 April 2019 15:00 CEST to 30 June 2019 10:00 CEST.
  • Tokens can only be swapped through the REBL token swap wallet.
  • Swapping REBL tokens to REBL main net is irreversible, once the ERC20 tokens have been swapped to the REBL main net, the tokens cannot be swapped back.
  • Tokens that are swapped after the deadline may take up to 1 month to be processed.
  • After 30 September 2019 (three months after the token swap deadline) swap requests will no longer be processed.
  • Rebellious cannot be held responsible for any losses that occurred during the token swap.