REBL Mainnet Wallet!
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Build 22/05/2019


Build 22/05/2019


Build 16/05/2019

The REBL Mainnet Wallet

Store and stake your REBL coins in the desktop wallet built for the REBL Mainnet.

The REBL desktop wallet has 3 core functions to support the Mainnet.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet – to store your REBL cryptocurrency coins.
  • Node – to support the network. A staking node or “full node” is a program that operates on the network by validating transactions and blocks and relaying them. The node must be connected to the network and in return a reward is giving to the node for participating in the process.
  • Masternodes – a type of full node that offers various services to the network and is compensated by the network for this service. Masternodes are dedicated servers that stabilise and secure the network. (Masternodes will be added to the network shortly)

with token swap feature

Download the final REBL ERC20 wallet here and complete the Token Swap!