DEV Update May 2019

May 20, 2019 Posted by Twan

Dear community,

After a successful blockchain launch we are content with the current state of the network. With an ever developing technology however, we are ready for the first update of the REBL blockchain. The first mainnet update will take place on 21-05-2019.

Soft Fork
In order to update the blockchain we have scheduled a Soft Fork, which will commence after block 136850, estimated on 21-05-2019 10:00 CEST. The Soft Fork is required to improve the efficiency on the network and fix some small issues. It is important for all nodes to update their wallets as soon as possible to the latest version.

The latest wallet versions can be downloaded here.

*Please note to back up and safely store your Wallet.dat file while performing an update, losing this file may lead to permanently losing your coins.

Notable Updates

  • Coin Maturity – maturity process of coins has been modified to improve the network’s efficiency. Coins now need 120 confirmations before they mature and become eligible for staking.
  • Fixed High CPU Load Issue – users had issues with extreme high CPU load while running the node. This issue is fixed for the latest wallet version.
  • Linux Wallet –  is now available for download here.

Token Swap
We are pleased that a lot of REBLs already took the time to swap their REBL ERC20 tokens for the new REBL coins. However, a big portion of the ERC20 tokens are currently not swapped yet. This is not a problem of course, as we purposely chose to work with a wide swap period.

The following Ethereum address can be checked to find the total swap amount:

*Please note the token swap will close on Sunday the 30th of June (30-06-2019 10:00 CEST).*

If you need more information on the Token Swap, please follow this link for a dedicated blog.

That’s all for this update!