Time for a New Direction

June 15, 2019 Posted by Rebellious

Two years ago, in the summer of 2017, we envisioned a concept where Rebellious would make customized blockchains broadly available and affordable for companies who lacked the knowledge to do build their own blockchain.

We never had any intentions with Rebellious other than funding the development costs and the salaries of our team. We never sold a single token as a company or team member and we funded everything with money out of our own pocket. This allowed us to retain a certain amount of flexibility and freedom in shaping the course of our project. This is the reason that we explicitly opted to distribute our coins by airdrop instead of holding an ICO with all its associated obligations. In fact, when the airdrop took place in December of 2017, we never expected Rebellious to become the most successful airdrop in crypto up until that point!

Unfortunately – as most of you undoubtedly know – the crypto sphere is constantly changing. New developments and new technologies are coming to light every single day. Whereas only a few years ago blockchain technology and all its potential applications was only on the minds of a few startup companies, nowadays big multinational companies like Amazon and IBM have dedicated their rather significant R&D resources towards the application of blockchain technology.

These aforementioned developments have led us to the following conclusion: There are currently several big players already offering the solutions we intend to offer. As much as it pains us to acknowledge this, Rebellious is not in position to compete with players of this magnitude.

This is the reason for our change of direction. Rebellious will no longer be a masternode based blockchain platform. Instead, we are now the Rebellious Exchange. Aside from the main trading pairs, the Rebellious Exchange will specialize in listing small-scale projects with a high potential.

Of course we still want the REBL coin to have utility. In order to cater to REBL holders, we have created a reward system where new projects will pay the listing fee in their native coin or tokens. This listing fee will be split between REBL holders who have over a certain amount of REBL. More details will follow at a later time.

The Exchange is almost ready, we are now into the final testing phase and our current expectation for the exchange is to go live in July 2019.

Finally, we will also make some changes in how the core team is composed. We are looking for new members from all over the world in order to create a more decentralized team. We feel this will allow us to offer better support at a global level. An application form for the new team members will be available soon.