Information about Coin Listings

August 23, 2019 Posted by Rebellious

How does a listing work?

Projects who are interested in listing on the Rebellious Exchange can apply for listing by filling out this form:

It is important to fill in as many fields as you can, so that we receive all the information that we may need in order to approve of your listing.


How much does a listing cost?

The listing price will be the equivalent of 1 BTC in native coins.* We only accept payment in native coins or tokens of the project. This should lower the threshold for small but promising projects to get listed on an exchange.

Initially the trading pair will be BTC, but as soon as the trading volume allows it other trading pairs (including REBL) will open up.

* In case a project applies that is not listed anywhere else, the listing needs to be paid in BTC instead of the native coin.


How will we decide which projects to list?

Firstly, the complete form needs to be filled out. Once we receive an application we will take a good look at the project to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We only want to list promising projects that show great potential. In other words: We do not want any shitcoins.

It can take up to 1 month for a listing application to be processed.


How is the listing fee shared?

As a reward and incentive for REBL holders, half of the listing fee will be shared among all REBL holders who hold 250000 coins or more. We feel that this offers a great opportunity for true REBL holders to earn

The other half of the listing fee will be used to cover the expenses of the Rebellious Exchange.


Coin voting

Coin voting will be coming soon. This way the community can suggest new coins to be listed on the exchange and then vote for their favourite coin.