Vote bonus distribution on Bit-Z

January 29, 2018 Posted by Rebellious

The past few days we’ve seen a strong response from some members of our community regarding the level 3 verification required to receive the 700 REBL vote bonus on your Bit-Z account. We have even been called scammers, even though the main part of our airdrop (over 150 million tokens) has already been distributed to the participants.

It was our decision to distribute the vote bonus through Bit-Z, to make sure everybody would receive their REBL tokens as soon as possible. We would have preferred the distribution to apply to level 2 accounts in the first place, but KYC and AML regulation is not something that’s inside our own sphere of control. If we had known from the start the distribution would only apply to level 3 accounts, we would have communicated this to you sooner. We apologize for the lack of information from our end.

With that being said, we think that a level 3 verification is not an insurmountable task. As a matter of fact, within a few months the KYC regulations will become much stricter. Upgrading your verification (on any exchange) will be inevitable in the very near future.

So here’s how the distribution of the vote bonus will happen: Bit-Z will do 2 more distribution batches of 700 REBL for all level 3 accounts.

  1. On Friday the 2nd of February
  2. On Friday the 9th of February

This means that everybody will have until the 9th of February to upgrade your account to level 3 to receive the vote bonus.