#REBL the stakeable Ethereum token

A revolution in cryptocurrency

Before the ICO boom of 2016, the crypto space relied on the community. ICOs were rare and the network was mostly run by people who really believed in the power of cryptocurrency. We want to take a step back in time and build a currency built on community. Better yet, we want our currency to be built on a community of real crypto aficionados. Hence, we’re quite particular about the people we are letting join.

If you’re here to make a quick buck and flip a coin, this isn’t the right project for you. We are looking for people who want to invest their time and energy into building a revolutionary new currency. Rebellious is the currency that encourages crypto enthusiasts to come together and build a community incentivized by growth rather than greed. In doing so, we believe our project is guaranteed to succeed. When the community is responsible for its own potential, we believe success is just around the corner. Instead of relying on the innovative genius of a single person or team of developers/marketers, Rebellious relies on the efforts of all of its community members. Rebellious is the world’s first cryptocurrency built on a Proof-Of-Airdrop contract on the Ethereum platform. A single Airdrop, held on November 21 2017, will kickstart the launch of the project and deliver 250,000,000 ERC20 tokens to all community members.

Following the initial Airdrop, all our Rebels will have the opportunity to earn more tokens by completing tasks to further the growth of the currency. This can include everything from translating documents, promoting the Rebellious community online, and more. All our Rebellious members will also be able to stake their earned tokens via a Proof-Of-Stake system. By having a proven stake in the currency, our Rebels will have the opportunity to earn interest on their existing tokens and be rewarded for their passive contributions to the community. This unique system will strongly encourage ongoing interaction within the Rebellious community and stabilize trade prices by building a currency built on investment rather than fast trading.

In Q3 2018, all Rebellious tokens will be swapped for REBL coins with a PoS system chosen by the community. From there on out, all community members will receive an annual 10% dividend by staking their coins using the Rebellious wallet. Please note that this is already the case now but will stay the same for when we’ve started working with our own blockchain.

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Token Distribution

Dividing our Rebellious tokens

One of the main values driving Rebellious is transparency. Here is how we will divide our total amounts of 396,000,000 tokens:

376.200.000 tokens will be used for the Rebellious project.

Token distribution

19.800.000 tokens will be reserved for the Rebellious team.

250.000.000 tokens will be airdropped to the community. Join the Rebellious airdrop and you’ll automatically receive 2000 REBL tokens. All applicants will need to fill out an airdrop form and meet specific requirements in order to join the Rebellious community.

50.000.000 tokens will be given as rewards to the community. Rewards will be given for completing specific tasks to help Rebellious grow. These tasks will be curated by the Rebellious team and all community members have the chance to earn more tokens as rewards. Rewards will be given out over 12 months until December 2018.

50.000.000 tokens will be used to pay external costs, such as paying for exchange listings, external development, exhibitions, etc. Any tokens left over by December 2018 will be funneled into Rewards and redistributed among the community.

26.200.000 tokens will be reserved for unexpected costs. Any tokens left over by December 2018 will also be funneled into Rewards (in 2000 REBL portions) and redistributed among the community.

19.800.000 tokens will be reserved for the Rebellious team as a form of salary in the future.

The Rebellious Airdrop

250.000.000 Tokens in 40 days.

The Rebellious Airdrop will take place on November 21, 2017 and will run for a maximum of 40 days. If all tokens are distributed prior, the airdrop will end. Any tokens remaining after 40 days will be burned.

All community members will receive 500-4000 REBL coins as soon as possible after their airdrop form submission has been checked. Please be patient since this can take weeks. They’ll then be able to earn more coins by completing specific tasks to help Rebellious grow. These tasks will be curated by the Rebellious team and will be made public to the entire community online.

As time goes on, the airdrop will become slightly harder to enter. The difficulty of tasks will also slightly increase. Each member is only allowed to enter the airdrop once and anyone caught trying to manipulate their entry will be disqualified from the project.


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