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What is Rebellious?

Rebellious is a company based in the Netherlands. Rebellious is the true people’s currency. Using our unique approach, we aim to build a strong currency powered by an even stronger community that’s motivated by growth rather than greed.

What is the Rebellious team composition?

The Rebellious team consists of a group of cryptogeeks who joined forces to make a stand. The team consists of members with many years of experience in the e-commerce market, as well as in cryptocurrencies. We really don’t think it matters though. Fancy titles and big CVs have been used to attract and mislead investors in this market. This is where we want to draw the line. We don’t need an ex-CEO of some world leading firm to be the face of a crypto revolution.  We want to build this project from the ground off with our community.

What is Proof of Airdrop?

Let’s be clear, Proof of Airdrop is not a mechanism similar to Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake protocols.

We want to build a community in which every crypto-enthusiast has an equal opportunity to grow both the project and their own portfolio. Using Proof-of-Work protocols and mining would just create another cryptocurrency dominated by mining groups.

Likewise, we do not wish to conduct an ICO as we don’t want Rebellious built on a money pump. Instead, we want an engaged community that feels affiliated due to their contribution.

Our Proof of Airdrop approach will serve as the first real proof that Rebellious is a true community project.

Can i read the whitepaper in my native language?

Our community has been very helpful from the start and therefore we are able to present the Whitepaper in a multitude of languages.

Check out if yours is amongst the available:

What wallets can be used to store the REBL tokens?

We have the desktop wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux ready. Wallets for Android and IOS are part of our development roadmap and we plan on having these ready Q1/Q2 2018.

While we recommend to store Rebellious is to use the Rebellious Wallet, Rebellious tokens can also be stored in the following other wallets:

  • Myetherwallet; is an extremely versatile webwallet and supports a wide variety of ERC20 tokens.
  • Ledger Wallet; is a small plug-in device that basically functions as an offline digital vault for tokens and coins.

For more information on how to store your Rebellious tokens and the links to download, please visit our wallet page:

On which exchanges will the Rebellious token be listed?

Rebellious aims to get listed on one big exchange at first. The Rebellious community will have a vote on this. More info will follow.

Can i store my REBL tokens in my exchange wallet?

This is not yet possible. For the time being, we are not listed on any exchange yet.  


What is an airdrop?

Read all about it in our blog about airdrops:

No ICO? Where do the funds come from to support this project?

We do not wish to conduct an ICO as we don’t want Rebellious built on a money pump. Instead we want an engaged community that feels affiliated due to their contribution. With the efforts of the community and the guidance of the Rebellious team we want to proof that we can built a quality product. The REBL tokens will eventually create utility value by an increasing demand.

Can everyone join the airdrop?


What are the requirements to join the airdrop?

The requirements are available on our website.

Can i fill in multiple levels of the airdrop forms?

No, everyone is eligible for one entry. This will be manually checked by the Rebellious team. 

Is it a requirement to wear the Rebellious signature on Bitcointalk?

It is not a requirement to wear the Rebellious signature, but we would highly appreciate it!

How do i know if i successfully filled the airdrop form?

Once you’ve submitted your airdrop form you will land on the confirmation page that welcomes you to the Rebellious family. Once your REBL tokens are transferred you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

When will i receive my REBL tokens?

After you have registered, your form will be manually checked by the Rebellious team. After this is done the REBL tokens will be transferred as soon as possible. All REBL tokens will be distributed before 31-12-2017. (Last minute entries excluded).

What do i do if i want to change an entry on my airdrop form?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] so that we can help you with this. If for instance you like to use a different Ethereum address, we can manually change this for you as long your tokens have not been distributed yet.

What happens to the tokens that don’t get distributed during the airdrop?

If not all tokens get distributed during the 40 day airdrop, the remaining amount will be burned.


When will the Bounty and Reward system be implemented?

We’ve already started with some tasks, but mainly this stage will begin on 1 January 2018 and will run for 1 year. There are 50.000.000 tokens reserved for this stage. Rebels will be able to earn additional tokens by completing specific tasks involving marketing, translating, programming, etc.

The list of available tasks and relevant descriptions will be made public on our website. More tasks will be added to the site over time to further the growth of Rebellious.

The most active members of our community will reap the biggest rewards, once again encouraging the growth of a strong, active community.

Where can i find more information on the bounty tasks?

You can find all information about the bounty reward program on our bounty topic on Bitcointalk:

How can i reserve bounty tasks? Where am i supposed to send my work?

If you have any questions or wish to reserve any of the tasks, please contact us via [email protected]

Where can I discuss Rebellious?

We have a few platforms ready for our Community to discuss all ins and outs on the Rebellious project.

REBL Token

What is the token supply?

The initial supply will be 396.000.000. Max token supply is 696.000.000 with the proof-of-stake protocol in use.

Is the Rebellious token an ethereum based token?

Rebellious is an ethereum based token (ERC20 token). ERC-20 is simply  a standard to which tokens built upon the Ethereum blockchain must adhere. The ERC-20 token is a way to introduce the Rebellious token to the world while we are developing our own blockchain. Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard gives flexibility in an application.

Will the code be open source?

Yes, all code will be open source. Check out our Github for more info on the code used for the Rebellious token.

What is the 'Proof of Stake' protocol?

Proof of Stake allows users to lock up their tokens for a set amount of time, whether it be weeks, months or a year, and earn a percentage rate of new coins created. The REBL tokens are one of the first Ethereum-based tokens that will allow the users of Rebellious to earn more tokens by staking them. The Proof of Stake protocol is usually reserved for Proof of Stake blockchains. With Rebellious, one of the goals of the project is community inclusion. We want the members to have an active role in the creation of new tokens, a rate of approximately 10% per year will be rewarded to those staking their coins, with 30 days serving as maximum token age.

Where can i stake my REBL tokens?

If you store your REBL tokens in one of the official Rebellious desktop wallets, you automatically stake your REBL tokens and earn interest.

Do i have to leave my wallet ‘open’ to stake REBL?

No, there is no need to leave your wallet opened. The REBL token will stake anyway. The only requirement is that you have to ‘proof’ your stake by having the tokens stored inside your wallet. There is a ‘token age’ though that will require you to claim your interest every 30 days.

How and when do we claim our interest?

By keeping REBL in your wallet, you will be able to claim interest payments on your balance at regular intervals. The interest will be approximately 10%.

In order to participate in the Proof-of-Stake system, you will need to keep your REBL tokens in your wallet for a period of 10 days. Once 10 days has passed, your REBL tokens will activate and start earning you interest for every further day you keep them in your wallet.

This interest will continue to accumulate up to a maximum of 30 days, by which time you will need to claim it through your wallet. If you do not claim your interest, your tokens will not generate any further interest. Once claimed, the 30 days resets and your tokens start earning for you again.

If claimed regularly, the rate of interest paid on our REBL tokens is equivalent to roughly 10% per year.

Please note: If REBL tokens are transferred OUT of the wallet, the rest amounts’ token age will be reset to day zero. Meaning all tokens are inactive. It will again require 10 days for the tokens to activate.

What is the planned token swap?

This is the final goal for Phase 1 of the Rebellious project. Our ERC20 REBL tokens will be swapped for POS coins running on our own blockchain. This is planned for Q1 2019 and more info on this will come.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions for us, you can always get in contact directly via [email protected]. However if you join the community on the multiple available channels, your fellow members will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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