ERC20 tools
Available now!

ERC20 wallet

The Rebellious wallet allows you to store and stake your tokens and start earning interest right away. The only way to earn interest is to store your tokens in the Rebellious wallet. The Rebellious wallet is an ERC20 compatible that will be updated when we switch to our own blockchain, which is scheduled in Q3 2018.


ERC20 Explorer

Since our token is currently an ERC20 token, we made our own customized explorer to give our investors a clear view into the Ethereum network. The explorer is a search engine that allows you to search inside the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, token holders and other useful information.


REBL Blockchain tools
Available Q4 2018

REBL Wallet

A brand-new wallet will be created, compatible with the REBL-coin on our own blockchain. The wallet will continue to support staking.

REBL Explorer

A brand-new explorer giving insight into the new REBL blockchain. The REBL explorer will provide a clear overview of the latest blocks and transactions. Token holders and other useful information will be available.

REBL Modules

Integrable payment modules will be created for e-commerce platforms, both on- and offline (e.g. Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento).

REBL Terminals

A payment terminal will be created for direct mobile payments. This payment terminal will be compatible with the REBL blockchain.