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Store and stake your #REBL tokens

How to use the rebellious wallet

The best way to store REBL tokens is to use the Rebellious Wallet, allowing you to stake your tokens and automatically start earning interest. You’ll also be able to clearly see the interest your tokens are earning and collect it whenever you’re ready. REBL can only be staked in the Rebellious Wallet. If you store it in another wallet, you will not be able to stake your coins. You can find the code for our wallet on Github.

Setting up your rebellious address and wallet

The first step is to download the Rebellious Wallet. Once downloaded, you will have the option to create a new wallet or open a currently owned one using a keystone or private key. If you create a new wallet, you will be redirected to in order to create a free wallet address. Once this is created, you can use the keystone or private key generated to open it using the Rebellious Wallet client. If you already own an ether wallet, you can use our Rebellious Wallet client to open it. Once again, please note, the Rebellious Wallet client must be used in order to stake your tokens and earn interest.


Our new REBL Wallet v0.03 features complete support for Ledger Nano S Hardware. This essentially means that staking and storing your REBL using our wallet can now be more secure than ever before.

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that can be used a whole variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, ZCash, and many more. It is an extremely secure wallet that ensures that your key is only ever displayed on the ledger’s screen, and hence visible to only to you.

It’s as simple as that! Once you have your Rebellious Wallet open you will be able to see the amount you currently hold, as well as the details on your staked tokens/claimable interest.

Ethereum transactions

Gas and how it affects Rebellious

Whenever cryptocurrency is moved on the Ethereum blockchain – whether it is Ethereum or a token – it incurs an internal cost known as “gas”. You can think of it as fuel for moving tokens and coins from one location to another – hence the name. As with all tokens running on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Rebellious incurs a gas cost when sending from one location to another.

If you wish to send tokens from your wallet to another location, you will also need to pay the gas price. The amount of gas you wish to pay for a transaction can be manually set in the wallet you are using to send your tokens – the more you spend, the faster the network processes the transaction. This is paid with Ethereum. As such, the Rebellious wallet – as all wallets do – will require you to store a small amount of Ethereum in it in order to pay gas should you wish to transfer your tokens.

Fortunately, gas prices are very low, so only a small amount of Ethereum is needed to send tokens. You do not pay anything to receive tokens. It is the person sending that needs to pay. You can add Ethereum to your Rebellious wallet by sending it to your Rebellious address.

A side note on security

When you create a wallet, you will be presented with both a keystone and private key. Please make sure you keep both secure, as in the wrong hands they grant someone else access to your wallet. If lost, you will be locked you out of your wallet. It is a good idea to store your private key in a printed format, stored somewhere you won’t lose it or have it stolen. This is, of course, up to you.

Other Ethereum wallets

Other wallets you can use

While the best way to store Rebellious is to use the Rebellious Wallet, Rebellious tokens can also be stored in the following other wallets.


MyEtherWallet is extremely versatile and supports a wide variety of ERC20 tokens. Plus, MyEtherWallet also allows you to add tokens manually should you be dealing with one that hasn’t yet been added to the wallet.

Please note: MyEtherWallet has been the target of some phishing scams and some MEW clone sites have popped up online. Always make sure you’re on the correct MEW site before entering your private keys.

Ledger wallet

A Ledger Wallet is a small plug-in device that basically functions as an offline digital vault for tokens and coins. Simply connect it to your PC or mobile device via USB, transfer your tokens, and you’re done.

A Ledger Wallet is encrypted for security and can also be used to both send and receive tokens/coins. A Ledger Wallet is extremely secure as it can hold currency offline. It is also quite convenient and versatile.


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