The REBL concept
End-to-end serviced & equipped
blockchain platforms

Adoption of blockchain technology is still very much out of reach for most businesses. Lack of knowledge and understanding simply makes it impossible for the layman business owner to integrate blockchain technology into their company. In order to learn more and get started, a great deal of funds and time must be allocated to research and development.

REBL is developing end-to-end, serviced, and equipped blockchain platforms to solve this issue. These can be integrated into a business model with the help of REBL’s expertise. This will pave the way for business owners to overcome the blockchain hurdle. Chiefly, the financial barrier of entering the world of blockchains will be downsized, encouraging greater adoption.

Blockchain tools
integrated as a complete package

The REBL Client blockchain will be fully equipped. Amongst these tools will be the following:


It will be possible to have a customized dashboard that will give all those with rights an opportunity to look into the blockchain ledger. Transparency can be an addition.


Every client will have the option to add wallets – desktop and/or Mobile – to provide their consumers a secure way of storage.


Integrable payment modules will be created for platforms off and online (Online e.g. Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento).


Payment terminal will be created for direct mobile payments

Structure setting
Centralized, decentralized or hybrid blockchains

Public blockchains have scaling issues due to the accelerated growth they have experienced in recent years. Even though these will most likely be solved, for the foreseeable future, problems will continue to occur when the adoption rate grows exponentially. Blockchains with low throughput and transaction per second rates limit capacity and potential adoptability.

REBL creates standalone environments specifically designed to the client’s preferences. With minor changes to the decentralized character of current public blockchains, this will improve performance and can abate scalability issues. This will be beneficial for transaction throughput, as well as transaction fees, which will become negligible.

Utility token system
with value options

Using the blockchain as a means to speculatively boost a company’s value seems to have the market in its grip. The result is that product and technological development is marginalized. This is a huge obstacle to overcome for regular businesses. Integrating with a network that is uncertain and volatile is very discouraging, and rationally, this hurdle will not be worth it for most parties.

The tokens generated for plug-and-play blockchains can either be valuated by speculation, or can be fixed-value utility tokens—no speculation, no trading. The fixed-value tokens will be designed merely for the end-goal of the client.

By using a fixed-value system, a business can rely on the tokens that have been distributed amongst their customers to be solely used for the intended use case.

Fully branded

Client blockchain tools